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Tools and Accessories for Stitchers!

Desert Island Stitches Book Vol. I

In this handy take along idea book Michael and Carole have filled it wonderful ideas on the many different types of stitches that are suitable for small spaces. From the very basic to the more advanced stitches such as Oblique, Knitting and Wavy stitches. This is the book you would want if you were stranded on a desert island.

Desert Island Stitches Book

Price: $29.95

Desert Island Stitches Book Vol. II

Desert Island Stitches, volume 2 Ideas for Creative Borders. The second in Michael and Carole's Take-Along Idea Books for Painted Canvas Embellishment, this toss-in-your-tote size book makes adding borders to enhance any needlepoint design fun and easy! Learn how to make a border fit any size design, and indulge in a myriad of options!

Desert Island Stitches Book Vol II

Price: $29.95

Laying Tools

Acrylic Harlequin Laying Tool

Actual Size 6"

Price: $59.95

Mini Wood Laying Tool

Actual Size 4½"
Beautiful Wood

Price: $29.95